How to make a leather wrap bracelet - jewellery making tutorial |

How to make a leather wrap bracelet - jewellery making tutorial

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How to make a leather wrap bracelet - jewellery making tutorial

Difficulty: Intermediate


Do you love wrap bracelets? Well you will love this surfer style wrap bracelet which uses, ball chain and 2mm round leather wrapped together with Mcord ™. Learn how to make yours by following the step by step tutorial! 

* Lengths may vary depending on the size of your wrist (This is for a 5 ½ inch wrist). The items that are listed are for a double wrap bracelet. For a single or triple wrapped bracelet, divide the measurements by 2 and multiply by accordingly.

Materials needed:
Leather - round 2mm
Chain 1 to 1.5mm ball chain
Mcord ™ - 1mm
Ceramic beads - make sure the bead has a hole large enough to fit two pieces of 2mm leather cord through. 

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Step 1

Cut a 90cm length of leather and fold the cord in half to form a loop. The loop should be big enough to fit around the ceramic bead, which will act as the clasp. Run the end of the mcord upwards along the leather cord (towards the loop). Then wrap around the base of the loop at least 3-6 times, working downwards (away from the loop). This secures the waxed cord and will be the start of the bracelet.

Step 2

Place the ball chain along the leather with the end of the chain meeting the end of the wrap. Holding the ball chain against the leather cord, wrap the mcord around tightly between each ball.

Step 3

Continue wrapping whilst checking it fits around the wrist.

Step 4

When you have reached your desired length,  wrap the mcord around the leather strands 2-3 more times. Tie a knot with the cord and cut any excess ball chain. 

Step 5

Thread the ceramic bead through the 2 x2mm leather strands and tie a knot. Trim with scissors and your wrap bracelet is finished!! Please do share with us your finished pieces in our Facebook Group. We would love to see how you did it Your Way. 

Step 1