How to make a leather choker - jewellery making tutorial |

How to Make a Leather Choker - Jewellery Making Tutorial

Information about project:

How to Make a Leather Choker - Jewellery Making Tutorial

Designed by: Marta Draganek

Difficulty: Beginner


Marta Draganek prepared a tutorial for beginners, in which she will show you how to make a necklace using jump rings, natural stones and leather. The necklace is simple to make and looks very unique. 

Today I will show you two different ideas for necklaces. Both made in a similar style, from the same materials, but different in character! The jewellery base will be a leather cord. With the help of jump rings, we can hang the beads from it. It is the links that will be the main hero of these designs. 


Natural stones - a mix of colours and sizes. In my necklace I will use the following stones: volcanic lava 10mm (12pcs) and 12mm (6pcs), 5-6mm agate in black or grey  (13pcs - first necklace and 36pcs - second),  5-6mm agate in grey (15pcs) , snow obsidian 4-5mm black (15 pieces). Natural stones can be replaced with glass beads, pearls, etc. A great idea may also be to use the remaining beads from other projects.

Jump rings -  10mm, silver colour. I used about 160 pieces to make both necklaces. You can choose from metal or stainless steel jump rings.

Headpins - 32mm in a silver colour or you can use ball pins

Leather -  5mm black (46 and 44cm). You can use any other strap with similar dimensions, e.g. cord

Ends caps - Silver end caps with a 5mm hole to glue the leather into 

Lobster clasp - silver 14mm clasp

Magnetic Clasp - Silver magnetic clasp with a 5mm hole to glue the leather into 

Jewellery Glue 

Eyepins - in a silver colour 25mm

You will find all the products needed to make necklaces in this project. Remember that the design is primarily used to learn the technique and the necklaces shown here are for your inspiration. Experiment with the materials to get a completely different, unique effect :)

Are you ready? Let's bead. 

Step 1

Let's get to work on the first necklace:

We start with the preparation of stones. First, we put the stone on a headpin.

Step 1

Step 2

We bend the protruding end of the pin to the side, at an angle of 90 degrees. My pins are quite soft, so I can do it with my fingers, without using pliers. If yours are harder, use round pliers.

Step 1

Step 3

Then, using round pliers, form the protruding end of the pin into a hook. Just clamp the pliers on the end of the headpin and rotate the pliers so that the pin turns around forming a circle.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 4

Make sure you don't close the circle fully until the end.

Step 1

Step 5

Place the headpin onto a jumpring and close the headpin with bent or flat pliers.

Step 1

Step 6

This is what the finished element of the necklace looks like.

Step 1

Step 7

In the case of smaller stones, the headpins may need to be cut to size. Making sure you don't cut them too sort as you will need to create a loop. 

Step 1

Step 8

First, bend the pin at a 90-degree angle as before.

Step 1

Step 9

Then, shorten the headpin using cutting pliers. We leave the end about 8-9mm long.

Step 1

Step 10

Now, using round nose pliers, you can form a loop and attach this onto a jump ring. 

Step 1

Step 2

Step 11

Prepare all the stones in the same way. 

Step 1

Step 12

The beads can now be placed onto your leather strap. Cut the leather to your require size - mine is 46cm. I assemble the beads alternately onto the leather.

Step 1

Step 13

13. I came up with this sequence:

1 - link

2 - snow obsidian 4mm

3 - link

4 - grey agate 6mm

5 - link

6 - agate black 6mm

7 - link

8 - lava 12 or 14mm (14mm in the central part of the necklace)

When I had used all the lava beads and there were still some small stones left, I divided them evenly and put them on both ends of the necklace.

You can copy my stone sequence or come up with your own. I think it's worth experimenting a little and creating something absolutely unique :)

Step 1

Step 14

This is what my necklace looks like after threading all the beads onto the leather. 

Step 1

Step 15

All that's left is to glue end caps in place and attach the clasp. 

Step 1

Step 16

Second Necklace

It is a much more delicate necklace. We need to prepare the following:

Step 1

Step 17

To prepare the beads chain, I start with threading a snow obsidian bead onto a headpin, in exactly the same way as for the first necklace.

Step 1

Step 18

We attach the next stones with the help of eyepins. These pins ready have a loop on one side. We put a stone on it and form a loop on the other side. Attach the eyepin onto a jump ring. On the other side of the stone, we add a new loop. When all the chains are ready, we simply thread them onto 44cm of round leather. As this necklace is much lighter, you can use a magnetic clasp on the ends of the leather. 

Step 1

Step 19

This is how the finished necklace looks:

Step 1

Step 20

Both necklaces were made in the same colours, made of similar materials. However, they differ in character. In my opinion, the first necklace is quite a chunky necklace and the second necklace is on the delicate side. 

Which one will you choose? 

We hope you enjoyed this project. Please don’t forget to rate it and please do visit any of our social media pages to share your finished piece. We would be delighted to see how you did it Your Way! 

Step 1