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How to make a Kumihimo bracelet with beads and charms - jewellery making tutorial

Information about this project

Designed by: Leah Connolly

Difficulty: Intermediate


Join Leah Connolly with this under the sea themed Kumihimo bracelet. We are right in the middle of the holiday season and how cute would this bracelet look with a summery dress.

I absolutely love the beach and at any opportunity I'll be beside the sea, either in Spain or the beautiful Norfolk beaches, I'll be there. The SweetCharm™ & Glamm ™ range go perfectly with the under the sea theme, I hope you like it as much as I do. 

If you haven't created a Kumihimo braid before you might want to watch our video tutorial on how to set up the board and braid, although I have tried to include as much information in the step by step instructions below. Let me know if you need any help :)

Are you ready, let's braid :)

Supplies used for this project:

SweetCharm™ the larger starfish charm measures 27x23x5mm and

Glamm™ the smaller starfish charms measure 12x11x3mm & seashell charms 11x9x2.5mm

TOHO™ size 8/0 in dark topaz and topaz


Braiding disk


Clasp - I used a clip in clasp but you could also use cord ends and attach your desired clasp to your design

S Lon™ thread - in yellow

Jump rings 6mm in gold

Step 1

Cut 8x strands of S Lon measuring approximately 80cm. Find the centre of all 8 strands and tie a loose knot. Thread on the large starfish charm. 

Step 2

Place the knot and the starfish charm through the centre of your Kumihimo disk, as shown in the picture

Step 1

Step 3

Turn the disk over so you can see the starfish charm through the hole in the disk and start adding 20 seed beads onto each strand. There should be 8 strands in total. 

Step 1

Step 4

Once you have added 20 seed beads onto a strand clip open your bobbins and roll up the excess cord into the bobbins. This will stop your cords from tangling. Do this for all 8 strands. 

Step 5

Now slot two strands with the same coloured seed beads into either side of number 32 as shown on the kumihimo disk. Also slot the other strands with the same coloured seed beads into either side of number 16 on the disk. 

Step 1

Step 6

With the other remaining strands slot them either side of numbers 8 and 24. 

Step 7

With the bottom left strand (to the left of number 16) move it up towards the left of number 31 and slot it into the disk.  

Step 1

Step 8

With the top right strand (to the right of number 32) move it to the right of number 15. Turn the board clockwise so that now you have number 8 at the bottom and number 24 at the top.

Step 1

Step 9

Continue with the above steps bottom left to top left. Top right to bottom right and turn. You will need to turn the disk around 8 times to create a length of braid without beads. This is where the starfish charm will sit on your bracelet. 

Step 1

Step 10

Now let the fun begin. Make sure that you still have the same coloured seed beads sitting next to each other on the disk, so you will get the same spiral pattern. 

Step 11

With the bottom left strand, move it out of the slot in the board and with your fingers push one bead down to the centre of your disk. Push the bead under the strand which I have circled in the picture. I have also circled the bead.  Now move that strand to the top left on the board. 

Top tip, don't let the bead pop out of it's position. Keep the tension tight in the disk.

Step 1

Step 12

With the top right strand repeat the above step making sure the bead sits under the strand. Rotate and repeat these steps. 

Step 1

Step 13

Your design should start looking like this. 

Step 1

Step 14

Continue until you have used all your seed beads. Carry on creating the braid without the seed beads, so that you have 1cm length of braid. Remove the thread from the board and bobbins and tie a knot at the end of the braid to stop the cord from unraveling. 

Step 15

To braid the other side of your bracelet, undo the loose knot you created and place the design through the centre of your board. Adding 20 seed beads to your strands and setting up the board in the same way you did before. 

Step 1

Step 16

Repeat step 14 to finish off the braid. 

Step 17

To add the clasp, add a dab of glue just under the knot at the end of your bracelet and cut off the knot. This will stop the braid from unraveling. Place a drop of glue inside the clasp and glue in place. repeat for the other side of your bracelet. 

Step 1

Step 18

Attaching charms, add a jump ring to the 4 charms. Open another jump ring and loop this through one of the charms and seed beads in your bracelet. Repeat for the 3 other charms and position the charms accordingly. 

Step 19

You now have a beautiful under the sea kumihimo bracelet. I hope you enjoyed creating the design. I would love to see your designs, feel free to share them on our beady Facebook group :)

Step 1