How to make a layered necklace - jewellery making tutorial |

How to make a beaded Necklace - Jewellery Making Tutorial

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How to make a beaded Necklace - Jewellery Making Tutorial

Designed by: Leah Connolly

Difficulty: Beginner


Emerald Nile beads are just stunning and sparkle in the light, they are so sophisticated and perfect for glamming up any outfit. Leah Connolly will show you how to make this simple necklace, which is great for beginners, so why don't you join her today. 

Who doesn't love a bit of sparkle? I absolutely love these beads :) This necklace can be so adaptable (as you can see from the images :) and with your left over beads why not create a matching bracelet and earrings. 

Ready? Let's Bead!


Emerald Nile Beads - 4mm faceted round, 6mm round & 8mm faceted round

Seamless rounds - 4mm in light gold

Geometric base- square base 15mm

Jewellery wire - 05mm surgical steel wire

Chain - rolo chain 5mm in gold

Clasp - lobster clasp in gold

Crimps - 1m crimp beads

Jump rings - 6mm jump rings in gold

Step 1

Cut 1x 20cm length of wire.  Place a crimp bead onto the end of the wire, thread onto the square connector and thread back through the crimp bead. Crimp/flatten the bead in place with flat nose pliers. 

Step 1

Step 2

Follow the sequence in the photo by adding the ermerald nile bead and seamless beads to the wire. 

Step 1

Step 3

Once you have placed all the beads onto the wire, add a crimp bead, then a jump ring and crimp in place. 

Step 4

Cut 20cm of chain, attach your clasp with a jump ring on one end and with the other end, attach the chain onto a jump ring and then onto your square connector.  

Step 1

Step 5

Repeat the above steps to create the other side of your necklace and instead of attaching a clasp, thread on 1x 8mm and 1x 6mm bead onto a headpin. Create a loop with your round nose pliers and attach it to the end of your chain. Your necklace is now complete. Feel free to create a matching bracelet or earrings.

Step 1

Step 6

What better way to relax and unwind than with a tray of beads, a cup of tea and a group of like minded people? Our Facebook Page is the ideal place to go to share with the beading community. Whether you want to chat, exchange ideas or show us your works of art.... All are welcome to join

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