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How to make a beaded necklace and matching bracelet. Jewellery making tutorial for beginners.

Information about this project

Designed by: Joanne

Difficulty: Beginner


Joanne Lockwood will show you how to create this beautiful Summer set, using the gorgeous CrystaLove faceted rounds in lovely Summer colours. 

For me, it’s all about the beads! I was inspired by our extensive new range of CrystaLove™ beads and their many tiny facets. The sun was shining as I loaded them to our website, and I was drawn to these warm sunny shades of orange and yellow ☀️

This little tutorial is beginner proof so you can all make one of your own. I would love to see your version! Don’t forget to share yours with us on our Social Media platforms


CrystaLove™ faceted round 6x8mm beads in orange, lemon, amber and tea colours. 

Chain - I used an oval flat link chain 4.5x5.5mm

Arrow Pendant - Hematite opalescent 40x18.5mm

Spacer beads - I used 2x6mm saucer beads and 4x6mm rondelle beads

Findings kit

Are you ready? Let's start beading :) 

Step 1

Top Tip - make your necklace long enough so that it fits over your head as this necklace doesn't need a clasp. Or feel free to make the necklace short and attach a clasp. 

Step 2

To make the necklace - cut your chain to your required length. Mine measures approx 50cm. 

Step 1

Step 3

Cut the wire approximately 30cm in length. Pick up a crimp bead and place it on one end of the wire. 

Step 1

Step 4

Loop the wire back through the crimp bead. Crimp the crimp bead in place with your flat nose pliers. 

Step 1

Step 2

Step 5

Start adding the beads in the sequence below:

Step 1

Step 6

Thread on your pendant and continue with the same sequence to complete the other side.

Step 7

Follow step 3 & 4 again to attach you crimp onto the chain. 

Step 1

Step 8

To make the bracelet - My bracelet measures 6" including the 10mm clasp so you may want to measure your wrist so you know how long you want your bracelet to be. You can also keep checking as you start creating the bracelet. 

Step 9

Cut 30cm of wire. Add of your crimp bead, a seamless round bead and place it through the loop of the clasp. 

Step 1

Step 10

Loop back through the seamless bead and crimp the bead in place. Cut any excess wire. 

Step 1

Step 11

Start adding your beads in the sequence below:

Step 1

Step 12

You are almost done. Yey :) thread on your crimp bead, seamless round and jump ring. 

Step 13

Thread back through the seamless round and crimp in place. 

Step 14

Good luck and enjoy. Feel free to show us your works on our Facebook group.

Step 1