How to make a beaded mandala pedant - step by step jewellery tutorial |

How to make a beaded mandala pendant - jewellery making tutorial

Information about project:

How to make a beaded mandala pendant - jewellery making tutorial

Designed by: Angela Buxton

Difficulty: Beginner


How pretty are these beaded mandala pendants? Angela Buxton was inspired by the maple mandala pendant design and she has made a stunning jewellery set. This design is so versatile and as you can see from Angela's creations, you can make earrings, pendants, decorations and so much more. 

This pattern is easy to create, so pick up a needle and let's start. 

Click here to view the step by step instructions  or watch our Take A Make Break tutorial :)


CrystaLove™ - 4mm glass bicone in oxidised silver 

Matubo SuperDuo™ beads in three colours - blue metalust, navy pearl and opaque champagne

TOHO™ size 11/0 rounds in blue silver lined

Earwires - Silver hook earwires

Chain - I used a chain with a clasp already attached

Thread - I used KO beading thread in white

Needle I used size 12 beading needle


Our tutorials are mostly for inspiration and learning purposes. Choose the colours to achieve something in your own style!

Ready? Let's Stitch

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