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Honeymoon Pearl Bracelet

Information about project:

Honeymoon Pearl Bracelet

Designed by: Laura

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make an elegant wedding inspired wave bracelet using our beautiful new matte glass pearls. It's the perfect accessory to wear to special events and weddings this spring/summer.

Step 1

Cut an arm span of thread and tie onto one part of the clasp at the half way point of the thread, giving you two equal strands, thread a needle onto both strands.

Step 2

String 7x4mm on one strand and 4x 8mm on the other. Pass the strand with the 4mm through the last 8mm added to cross over your strands.

Step 3

Repeat step 2 alternating the strand you add either the 4mm or 8mm pearls.

Step 4

Once you have reached the desired length knot the two threads around the other part of the toggle clasp.

Step 5

.Reinforce your design by passing back through the pearls, tieing half-hitch knots along the way. When you are happy that the bracelet is secure, trim the tail ends of thread.