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Herringbone Bracelet

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Herringbone Bracelet

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Frosted Metallic Silver SuperDuo Twin Holes 2mm x 5mm 10g
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Silver Plated Lobster Clasps 7x14mm Pk5
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Jet AB SuperDuo Twin Hole Beads 2mm x 5mm 10g
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Information about project:

Herringbone Bracelet

Designed by: Kara-May

Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make this Herringbone style bracelet using SuperDuo beads and seed beads to create the angled effect.

Step 1

Start by cutting off a good arm span of KO thread, add a seed bead and a SuperDuo bead x 4, then in the very last SuperDuo bead loop through the other hole on the duo bead. Then add a seed bead and a SuperDuo bead before passing through the seed bead nearest on the row before and then the following SuperDuo bead, pull tight and repeat this again, so add a seed bead then a SuperDuo bead and thread through the seed bead nearest on the row before and then the following SuperDuo bead. Repeat twice more, with that last one you need to loop back through the other hole on the SuperDuo like we did at the start. Keep repeating this technique until you have enough to fit around your wrist. Once you have a few rows you will start to see the Herringbone pattern. If you wanted to change the colour half way like we have then simply finish a row and start with a new colour scheme of seed beads and SuperDuo beads. 

Step 2

If you run out of thread half way, simply make a few knots passing through a bead at a time and snip the thread once secure. 

To re thread, you need to also make a few knots with beads in between until you are where you need to be in the stitch and can pick up the pattern again. 

Step 3

To add the clasp and jump ring, make a few knots at one end with separate thread and make sure you come out of the last hole on the last SuperDuo bead, you want to add 20 seed beads, then your lobster clasp and 20 more seed beads, thread through the last hole on the opposite side of the other SuperDuo and make some more small knots. 

Repeat this step for the jump ring on the other end of the bracelet. This time thread through all four SuperDuo beads with seed beads adding a jump ring in the centre before continuing with more seed beads until you reach the other side where you can tie off and you are finished.