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Hematite Flower Bracelet

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Hematite Flower Bracelet

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Fireline Thread 6lb Size D 0.006in Smoke Grey 50yards
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Toho Size 8 Demi Round Seeds Metallic Hematite 5g
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Antique Silver Zamak 3 Strand Fancy Clasp 26mm 1xPair
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Lobster clasp / surgical steel / 16mm / silver / 4pcs
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Information about project:

Hematite Flower Bracelet

Designed by: Kara-May

Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make this bracelet using Demi-Rounds and seed beads in a complementing colour. The small beads create small flower shapes when combined together.

Step 1

Take roughly 60 cm of fireline thread and needle up using a size 10 beading needle. Thread on your first end of the toggle clasp using one of the three holes and secure knotting a few times. Now add 1 seed bead, 1 demi-round, 2 seed beads, 1 demi-round, 2 seed beads, 1 demi-round, 2 seed beads, the last demi round and 1 seed bead to finish once all these beads are on you are now going to loop round and thread back through the first seed bead and continue through all the beads until you meet the half way which is midway between the second lot of 2 seed beads. Tighten so the loop made creates a flower pattern. Now repeat this until you have enough of one length to fit your wrist which is when you add the other half of the toggle clasp with the corresponding hole which is when you repeat the small knots around it. 

One to remember: when you are looping round after you have completed the first loop after the toggle clasp you need to thread through one of the seed beads from the last flower pattern to ensure that the strands of beads are secured. 

Repeat for the other two holes on the toggle clasp and finish with a lobster clasp on the end to fasten the bracelet around your wrist. You can make an extension chain with jump rings if you like too or simply one jump ring to the other half of the toggle clasp so you can fasten the bracelet with the lobster clasp.