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Helix Pendant Necklaces

Helix Pendant Necklaces

Helix Pendant Necklaces

Designed by: Bridge Parle

Difficulty: Intermediate

Rating: 0 Stars

Learn how to make these helix pendant necklaces using Size 11 Toho Seed beads and your choice of clasp. Why not customise this whole design by choosing your own druzy agate pendants.

Step 1

Create a ladder stitch piece 2 beads high and 4 beads wide. Join the ends to form a square. 

Step 2

Pick up 4 beads and sew down through the next bead.

Step 3

Without picking up any beads, sew back up through the next bead.

Step 4

Again, pick up 4 beads and sew down through the next bead. 

Step 5

To step up ready for your next round, sew up through 4 beads. 

Step 6

Repeat step 2. stepping up 6 beads on the next round

Step 7

This is the pattern your will follow for each round.

- Pick up 4 bead, sew down through the next bead and up through the next bead. 

- Pick up 4 beads, sew down through the next bead and up through the next 6 beads.

- Sewing up through 6 beads is what will form the twist.

Your work will start to twist. 

Continue step 2. until your rope is as long as you require, sew in your threads and add a clasp of your choice. 

Step 8

Light tone rope - 

  1. Pick up 7 seed beads and sew through them again, plus the next bead to form a circle, leaving a long enough tail to add your clasp later. 
  2. * Pick up a bead and skipping the next bead in the circle, sew through the next bead.
  3. Repeat from * until your rope is the required length and attach a clasp of your choice,
  4. There is no step up on the odd count peyote rope.

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