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Harvest Moon Bracelet

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Harvest Moon Bracelet

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Beadalon Supplemax Monofilament Illusion Cord 0.25mm Clear 50m
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Miyuki Square Tila 5x5mm 2 Hole Gunmetal 5g
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Harvest Moon Bracelet

Designed by: Joanne

Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make this Harvest Moon Bracelet using our stunning new Miyuki Tila beads in gunmetal.

Step 1

We will refer to the darker orange seed beads as A and the lighter orange seed beads as B. Please use the diagrams provided to help you understand the pattern. 

Step 2

Cut a workable amount of thread, approx. 40-50" will do. This bracelet does not stretch, so you may wish to replace the cord with elastic thread of the same width. 

Step 3

Thread on 1 tila bead, 1 bugle, 1 tila, 1 A seed bead, 1 B seed bead, 1 A seed bead.

Step 4

Thread through the second hole on the tila to create a picot. Pick up a bugle bead and pass through the second hole of the first tila you added. 
Thread on another A, B and A.

Step 5

Tie a double knot with the tail that is coming out of the first tila bead you added. 
Pass your working thread through this tila bead.

Step 6

Thread up through the left hole of a new tila bead and back down the first tila's right hole to secure them together.
Thread up through the left hole again and thread on A,B,A. 
Thread down the right hole of this tila bead. 

Step 7

Thread on a bugle, another tila, an A, B, A and come up through the left hole on the most recent tila bead.

Step 8

Thread around the tila bead next to this one to secure the two next to each other (like in step 6) 

Step 9

Thread on a bugle bead, pass through the left hole on the 3rd tila bead you added, and down the right hole.

Step 10

Repeat this pattern until your bracelet is the desired length with allowance for your 1" clasp. 

Step 11

Pick up 5 seed beads. Skip the bugle bead and pass down through the right hole of the end tila on the bottom row.

Step 12

Skipping the picots, weave back through until you exit the 2nd tila's left hole on the top row above the bugle. 

Step 13

Pick up an A, 1xmontee, A. 
Pass down through the right hole of the 3rd tila in on the bottom row. 
Skip the peyote and pass up through the left side of this tila bead. 
Pick up an A and pass through the montee. 
Pick up another A and pass up through the right hole of the 3rd tila on the top row. 

Step 14

Again, skipping the picots, pass through the next tila bead by threading down the right, up left, then thread down the tila next to the one you just threaded through. 

Step 15

Repeat the steps to include another montee inbetween every other tila bead. See image. 

Step 16

At the end of your bracelet, pick up 5 seed beads, skip the bugle beads and pass down the right hole of the end tila on the bottom row. Secure this to your bracelet with knots. Trim this thread. 

Step 17

Repeat at the other end of the bracelet with the tail of thread. 

Step 18

Connect 2 jumprings to the loop of 5 seed beads to attach your lobster clasp to. 
Connect a single jumpring to the opposite end of the bracelet to complete the clasp.