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Harmony Bracelets

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Harmony Bracelets

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Harmony Bracelets

Difficulty: Intermediate


Brown-Heart Harmony Bracelet
1x Brown PVC Tube [TC514]
1x Gold Charm Carrier and Connector [F902]
1x Gold Heart Charm [CR212]




Step 1

Cut the tubing to fit around your wrist. You can wrap it around your wrist a couple of times if you prefer.

Step 2

Push the connector into one end of the tubing. 

Step 3

Push the other end of tubing on to close the bracelet. 

Step 4

If you are making the bracelet with the crystal you will need to add a dab of glue to the inside of the connector and glue in the crystal. If you are making the bracelet with the charm, attach the charm to the connector. When the glue is dry, put your bracelet on by stretching over your hand, or pull one end from the connector and ask a friend to fasten it!