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Hamsa Pastel Bracelet

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Hamsa Pastel Bracelet

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Hamsa Pastel Bracelet

Designed by: Laura

Difficulty: Expert


Using the friendship bracelet maker box, make this Hamsa pastel friendship bracelet.

Step 1

Each side of the hand requires 4x 1m lengths of friendship bracelet thread. Choose any combination of colours that you wish.

Step 2

Thread the cords through one of the threading holes, folding in half so you have 8 equal strands.

Step 3

Use the friendship bracelet maker to separate out the eight strands into alternate colour strands.

Step 4

Take the strand on the furthest left hand side and start knotting (this bracelet uses the most basic friendship bracelet knotting technique.

Step 5

The left hand strand goes over the right hand strand, creating a ‘D’ shape loop. The thread is then pulled through this loop. This step is then repeated once to give you a complete knot.

Step 6

Create a knot on each strand, going across until this strand now sits on the furthest right hand side.

Step 7

Take the strand that is now on the furthest left hand side and do the same thing, knotting on each strand until it becomes the furthest right hand side.

Step 8

Complete 24 rows of knotting and then finish of by creating a 4 strand plait that measures approx. 9cm. knot the end and trim any excess thread.

Step 9

Repeat this whole process for the other side of the hand connector.

Step 10

Use the two 4 strand plaits to tie the bracelet onto your wrist.