Graduated Swarovski Crystal Bicone Necklace | Beads Direct

Amethyst Shimmer Graduated Necklace

Step 1

Cut 200 cm of beading thread. Thread a needle onto both ends. String 7 seed beads and push to the middle of the strand. Thread your needle through the jump ring of your clasp, so that it will sit over these seed beads, we are going to capture it into a loop.

(If you are using a 2 part toggle clasp, thread one half of your clasp on here instead of a jump ring, and continue.)

Step 2

Bring both strands together and string a seed bead then a 3 mm crystal bicone four times. For the remainder of the project the words seed bead will be abbreviated to ‘sb’ and only the size of the required bicones mentioned. Add a final seed bead before separating the strands. 

Step 3

For this necklace, we put crystal colour bicones on the left strand and amethyst bicones on the right. Remember this as you continue along your necklace. 

Onto each strand add: 3 mm, sb, 3 mm. Cross both strands through a new sb. Repeat twelve times. 

As you add each group of beads pull firmly and equally on both strands. If one group becomes slightly misaligned, press down on the last group added with your finger then smoothly stroke, several times, along the beads to the clasp end.

Step 4

Onto each strand add: 4 mm, sb, 4 mm. Cross both strands through a new sb. 

Repeat 4 more times.

Step 5

Onto each strand: 4 mm, sb, 6 mm. Cross both through a new sb.

Step 6

The Turn:

Onto the left strand add: 6 mm, sb, 6 mm, sb, 6 mm. Onto the right strand add: 6 mm. Cross both strands through a new sb.

Step 7

Onto each strand add 6 mm, sb, 4 mm. Cross both strands through a new sb. Rotate your work so that threading is easier.
Repeat the pattern along this side of the necklace, to match the side you just completed.

Step 8

When you come to add the final seed bead, don’t cross through it but bring both strands together and pass them straight through it in the same direction.

Step 9

Keeping both strands together and string a 3 mm then a sb four times.

Step 10

Add another single sb then separate the strands. Onto one strand add 7 sb and your other soldered ring and pass it through the single sb added at the beginning of this step. Pull almost tight to form a loop.

Step 11

Pass the other strand, in the opposite direction around the loop then pass through the last single sb added in step 15. Check that there aren’t any gaps between the last group of beads then knot both strands together. Pass them both through a few inches of beads. Knot the threads to the bead work and thread through a few more beads, weaving the thread through the design. Once you are happy that your necklace is secure, trim off the excess threads.