Instructions on how to make this Grace Bracelet using flat leather. |

Grace Bracelet

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Grace Bracelet

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Fevi Kwik One Drop Instant Adhesive/Glue 3g Tube
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Antique Silver Zamak Charm Carrier 14.5x10mm Pk2
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Grace Bracelet

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn to make this simple but wonderful cream trio wrap, flat leather bracelet with heart charm. 

Step 1

The length of leather required for this project should be determined by the size of the wrist of the person fir which bracelet is being made for. You need to be able to wrap the leather around the wrist 3 times, plus a little extra. 

Step 2

Thread the charm carrier (F847) on to the leather, and then thread the other end of the leather back through the carrier. You should have 1 loop of leather, with the remaining leather you should be able to comfortably wrap that around your wrist again. 

Step 3

 Now sparingly add the glue to the inside of the clasp (F835) (the clasp with the rectangular hole) first. Place the end of the leather inside of this hole. It should sit it that hole perfectly.

Step 4

Attach the hook to the eye of the clasp. Once you are happy with the way the clasp sits you can also add glue to it and attach the other end of the leather.
Please note: the hook is supposed to sit underneath eye rather than on the top. 

Step 5

Attach your heart charm (CR127) to a jumpring, and then attach it to the charm carrier.