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Golden Vogue Earrings

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Golden Vogue Earrings

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KO Beading Thread Black 50m
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X Gold Plated Ear Wires Lever Back 18mm with Loop 1xPair
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Information about project:

Golden Vogue Earrings

Designed by: Laura

Difficulty: Intermediate


These fabulous, chic golden earrings are perfect for an effortlessly modern look and are the ideal addition to any party outfit! 

Step 1

Cut a long arm span of thread, thread on your needle and x1 gold hex bead. Slide to the end of the thread and leave a couple of inches as a tail. Go back through this bead.

Step 2

Thread on x1 gold hex bead and go through the first bead added (the two should sit side by side). Go down the second hex added.

Step 3

Add x1 gold hex, go down the second hex added then up the one just added.

Step 4

Continue this technique until x12 beads have been added.

Step 5

Now ‘catch’ the thread that sits at the bottom of the last two beads added. When adding the first bead of a new row you may wish to do an overhand knot to make it more secure.

Step 6

Pick up a gold hex and thread back through it.

Step 7

Pick up a gold hex, thread through the thread sitting between the two hexes above it and go back up the first bead. Continue adding the beads along the row in a similar technique, catching the thread so the beads start to sit in a brick formation.

Step 8

Once 11 hex beads have been added you have completed the next row.

Step 9

Start row 3 the same way you started row 2 – continue the rows until you have x7 gold rows; each row will have one less bead than the last.

Step 10

After the 7 gold rows are complete continue on but instead use the black beads.

Step 11

To add the last rows of the triangle; come up out of the bead just added, pick up the last black hex and go back down the other bead in the previous row. The hex will sit a different way round to the rest of the hex beads in the piece. Go back round these last three beads to reinforce.

Step 12

Weave the thread back down the triangle, towards the centre of the first gold row, come out of the sixth bead along the row of x12 hex beads. Pick up x1 gold hex bead then go down the next hex bead. Go back through the x3 beads to reinforce.

Step 13

If necessary you can now reinforce any parts of the triangle you need to. Once finished knot the thread and trim. You can now also knot and trim the tail thread from the start.

Step 14

Use a jump ring to go through the last gold bead added, add a small piece of chain then use another jump ring to attach on the ear wire.

Step 15

Repeat all these instructions to make the other earring so you have a pair.