Golden Sunset Necklace |

Golden Sunset Necklace

Step 1

Pick out approx. 16 of the smaller petals for the top layer of your necklace. You will also need 16 spacer beads from your findings kit. Cut two lengths of wire. Pass the end of each wire through a calotte and a crimp bead, then back through the calotte. Squash the crimp bead flat and cover the crimp with your calotte.

Step 2

On one strand of wire, string on a golden tube bead, then alternate between your agate petals and gold spacer beads until you have used 8 petals. then string on a golden triangle metal bead and continue to finish the end with the rest of your 8 small petals and finish on a golden tube.

Step 3

Finish the end of the wire like before with a crimp bead and a calotte. Feed the tail end back through the beads in your necklace and trim the excess.

Step 4

Cut two pieces of chain 16cm long (6.5in). Open a jumpring and attach the toggle and clasp to one side of each piece of chain.

Step 5

Link the calottes from each side onto a the pieces of chain.

Step 6

Apply the same steps to make the second layer of the necklace, this time using approx. 18 petal beads with 4 gold triangles in the middle (see photo).