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Golden Ivory Spike Bracelet

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Golden Ivory Spike Bracelet

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Golden Ivory Spike Bracelet

Designed by: Katrina

Difficulty: Beginner


Use Swarovski Crystal Spike Beads like any other twin hole to make an elegant bracelet, ideal for a wedding or a special occasion! Ready? Let's Create!

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Step 1

Cut an armspan of thread. Thread a needle onto both sides of the thread and string on your lobster clasp to the centre. Now add two seed beads on either side. Add another seed bead to one side and cross your other needle through it.

Step 2

Add two more seed beads onto each side before passing both needles through each side of a spike bead.

Step 3

Thread 2 seed beads onto each of the threads. Pass both threads through a single seed bead. Thread another 2 seed beads onto each of the threads. Add another square bead onto the threads. It should look like a small X shape between the square beads). Repeat this until your bracelet is the length you require. Remember to allow for your clasp.

Step 4

At the end of your bracelet, finish the end of your cross with two seed beads. Then add another five seed beads onto one thread and pass the needle through the other beads on the opposite side.

Step 5

Continue to weave the tail threads into your design, tieing a few half-hitch knots along the way. Once you are happy that your bracelet is secure, cut off your threads.