Golden Christmas Tree Decoration |

Golden Christmas Tree Decoration

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Golden Christmas Tree Decoration

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Golden Christmas Tree Decoration

Designed by: Holly Eve

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make a cute christmas tree decoration using a double strand of ribbon and a selection of sparkly glass beads! The materials in the list will make 3 decorations!
Please note, the original gold beads are now out of stock. They have been replaced with a silver selection. 

You can find this decoration in pink HERE

Step 1

The materials included make 3 decorations. For each tree decoration, you will need - 

  • 8 x 8mm largest beads
  • 1 or 2 x 6mm medium size beads
  • 14 x 4mm smallest beads
  • 1 metre of ribbon
  • 1 metre of thread
Split out your materials before you begin to check you have enough of the largest and smallest beads. If you run out of the 8mm beads, they can be substituted for 6mm beads at the top or bottom of the decoration if you wish.
You can find this decoration in pink HERE

Step 2

Take a metre of thread and pick up and 8mm, a 6mm and a 4mm bead. Thread back up through the 6mm and 8mm beads, missing out the 4mm (see image). Leave a tail thread of approx. 10cm and knot the two lengths of thread together. 

Step 3

1 metre length of ribbon will create one christmas tree, see the image here to see the measurement of each ribbon loop to make the correct sized tree.

Step 4

Take one of your 1 metre lengths of ribbon and fold it in half so that the pattern is on the outside and each white side of the ribbon is hidden. Take the folded end and fold it back on itself approx. 3cm. Bring the other side of the ribbon over this and make the same sized loop on the opposite side to the first loop of ribbon. 

Step 5

Take your thread with the beads on it and pierce through the centre of these two loops to attach it at the bottom.

Step 6

Pick up an 8mm bead and bring it down to your ribbon. Fold the ribbon back on itself again, this time only 2.5cm up to the bead to make the next loop upwards slightly smaller. Continue over the bead and fold the ribbon back again to make the same sized loop on the other side of the bead (copy the image). Thread through these two crossed over ribbons to secure the two new loops in place as before. 

Step 7

Continue to add beads like this and make your loops smaller as you go up the tree. We added 8 large beads in total, including the one at the bottom and one on top of the tree. 

Step 8

When you reach the top of the tree and are happy with the loops you have made, add a final 8mm bead. Pick up 8 x 4mm beads and thread around this group of 8 again. Thread back down through the large 8mm bead to secure this loop of beads on top of the tree.

Step 9

Thread down into the design and out the other end. Make sure this thread won't unravel by threading upwards again to lose your thread in your work. Cut off the excess thread. 

Step 10

Take a new length of thread and pick up 5 x 4mm beads. Thread around these again to make a loop. Fit this over the last 4mm bead at the bottom of the tree and pull the thread tightly to secure the loop above it. (See image). Thread this around the circle of beads again to secure and knot the two ends of cord together tightly. Thread the two tails of thread and up into the design to secure the ring of beads in place at the base of the tree.