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Golden Blue Cluster Bracelet

Golden Blue Cluster Bracelet

Golden Blue Cluster Bracelet

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Gold Plated Findings Kit 10 Styles Includes Box


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Preciosa Czech Glass Bead Mix Blue Pearl 50g


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Cream Dyed Matte Finish 2mm Flat Leather Cord 5metres


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Gold Plated Iron Jumprings 7mm 0.8mm Thick Pk100


1 £2.16 Now: £1.62

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Step 1

Cut chain to fit twice around the wrist

Cut 2 lengths of leather at least 1 ½ times the length of the chain to allow enough leather to weave through the chain links

Step 2

Lay the chain out flat and try to get all the links lying flat as this will help you weave the leather through. Weave the 2 lengths of leather through the links of the chain. Don’t worry too much at this stage as the leather will start twisting around & not lay flat – this you can sort out during the next stage. Don’t cut the leather at this point – you need to be able to manipulate it whilst you weave the smaller beads through the chain & leather

Step 3

Cut a long length of beading wire (in the kit) and attach to the 2nd link in at one end of the chain by creating a loop around the link and securing with a crimp bead. You are going to weave this through the chain in the opposite direction to the leather and between the 2 lengths of leather. This will also help stabilise the design. Each time you bring the wire to the top of the chain add 3 small beads from the bead mix and using the smaller gold beads from the kit. Make sure the leather is now lying nice & flat and the beads are sitting snugly over the top of where the chain is linked. It is a little fiddly at first! When you reach the end of the chain secure the beading wire around the 2nd link from the end in the same manner as you did at the beginning, making sure the wire is not too tight or too lose. Your beads should all be sitting nicely on the top of the chain links and leather

Step 4

You can now secure your leather with a cord end at either end. Cut the leather the same length as the chain, crimp the cord end and add a jump ring through the hole & around the end of the last chain link. At one end ensure you add a lobster clasp before closing

Step 5

You now need to create the bead dangles. Each link of chain (except the first and last) need 4 beads attached – so count the number of links & create 4x that figure of simple looped beads using head pins for most of the beads and eye pins if you choose to use the large holed gold beads in the kit. Ensure you have a good balance of colours and large & small beads. I made sure each chain link would have one gold coloured bead attached

Step 6

Lay your bracelet flat and find the centre point of the bracelet and work out from that point ensuring you spread the larger beads equally along the length of the bracelet. Open a jump ring & attach 2 beads before hooking it onto the chain link & closing. Each link should have a jump-ring with 2 beads on either side. Save some of the smaller beads to attach nearer the clasp to make the cuff more comfortable to wear

Enjoy your beaded wrap!

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