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Gold Sparkle Wrap Bracelet Tutorial

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Gold Sparkle Wrap Bracelet Tutorial

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Gold Sparkle Wrap Bracelet Tutorial

Difficulty: Intermediate


This design is from our inspirations archive. As this design was created some time ago we sadly no longer stock all the products to create our design, but can still be useful for inspiration. 

Step 1

Cut a piece of leather cord approx. 20-22 inches long. Cut approx. 1m of polysparkle thread and tie it around the leather cord about 2.5 inches from one end of the leather.

Step 2

Tie a square knot around the leather.  Each complete square knot consists of two halves, one forward and one back. The knots are made around the centre cord.

Step 3

A forward knot is created by making a backwards D shape with the left hand cord, the right hand cord then goes under the cross where the left hand cord touches the centre cord. Pull this through tight. The right hand cord and the left hand cord have now swapped sides. Now create a backward knot by creating a normal D shape with the right hand cord, and then putting the left hand cord through the cross where the right hand cord touches the centre cord. Pull the cord tightly through.

Step 4

You have now completed one knot. Repeat until you have 5 full knots, then add a Shamballa style charm bead. Tie the two threads together to secure and add a dab of glue. Cut off any excess thread.

Step 5

Repeat this process, creating 3 knotted sections with Shamballa style charm beads. Create another 4 knotted sections (2 between each Shamballa style charm bead) adding jump rings as you did in the necklace design.

Step 6

Glue the ends into a magnetic clasp. Wrap around the wrist 3 times to wear.