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Designed by: Laura


What you will need:

Shamballa Fashion 8mm champagne MBJ18 x 1 packet

Round wood beads in copper 8mm BO589 x 1 packet

Round wood beads in copper 6mm BO586 x 1 packet

Shamballa Fashion cord 1mm TC334




Step 1. Cut 40cm of the  Shamballa Fashion cord.

Step 2. Tie a knot at one end of the cord and thread on 1 8mm wood copper bead followed by 1 6mm wood copper bead. if you struggle to thread the bead on then apply some clear nail varnish to the end of the cord to make it a little easier.

Step 3.Tie a knot about 8cm from the first.

Step 4.Thread on your beads, 3 x 6mm wood, 2 x 8mm wood, 1 x champagne, 1 x 8mm wood, 1x champagne, 1 x  8mm wood, 1 x champagne, 2 x 8mm wood, 3x 6mm wood.

Step 5. Tie a knot next to the last knot.

Step 6. Thread on 1 6mm wood and 1 8mm wood and then tie a knot at the end of the cord.

Step 7. Now you need to do a macramé braid for your sliding knot, for instructions on how to do this see our instructions for how to make Shamballa Fashion Bracelets.

Step 8. Adjust the knots on the cord ends if necessary.