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Gold Leaf Macramé Bracelets

Information about project:

Gold Leaf Macramé Bracelets

Designed by: Holly Eve

Difficulty: Beginner


Create your own delicate set of macramé knotted bracelets with sparkling gold charms and beads! If you are new to the macramé technique. we have included a useful video tutorial in the steps below to help you. 

Ready? Let's start braiding. 

Materials needed:
Waxed Jewellery cord - Mcord™ 1mm black
6mm Seamless rounds
Leaf charms
Jewellery making connector - large leaf connector charm

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Designed by Holly Eve - December 2016

Step 1

To make your macrame knot bracelet with a leaf connector charm, start by cutting 2 x 30cm length strands and 2 x 1 metre length strands.

Step 2

Thread the 30cm length of cord through a hole on your charm to its halfway point and thread the other 30cm length through the other side of the charm to the halfway point.

Choose one side of your charm and secure those threads to a work surface so that the cords stay tight. Bring the two threads together as they will act as one thread running through the centre of the knots.

Thread one of your 1 metre lengths of thread under both the cords to the halfway point. Tie a normal overhand knot at the base of the 30cm thread close to the charm.

Step 3

Start your Macramé knotting by following the steps below.

– Take your right hand cord and pass it over the middle two cords.
– Next, take your left hand cord and place it over the right cord. Move the left cord under the centre cord and up through the middle of the loop on the right side.
– Pull the threads to finish one half of your knot.
– Repeat this process on the opposite side by starting by crossing the left and cord over the middle cords.

Repeating this process once on each side makes ONE full square knot.


Click here to watch a short video on how to create your Macramé square knots.

Step 4

Create approx. 2.5″ of knotted cord. Secure the two working cords with a drop of clear drying glue or clear nail polish and trim them off close to the knotting when they are dry. 
Repeat this on the other side of your charm.

Step 5

Take the 4 ends of the centre cords, cross them so they point in the opposite directions and lay them side by side and then do a macramé braid (approx. 6 or 7 square knots) for your sliding knot.

Step 6

Secure the ends with a drop of clear drying glue or clear nail polish, being careful not to glue the sliding knot to the centre cords running through it (otherwise it will not be able to slide and adjust). Try gently pulling the centre cords through the sliding knot while the glue dries.
Trim the ends so the sliding knot is neat.
Finish your bracelet by threading your gold feather charms on to your 4 tail threads and knot them in place.

Step 7

To make your second macrame bracelet with gold round beads, cut a 30cm length of cord and secure it onto your work surface. Instead of knotting over 2 cords (like in your first bracelet) you will be using one central cord for the whole bracelet.

Step 8

Cut a 1 metre length of thread under this cord to the halfway point. Tie a normal overhand knot approx 6" from the end of the 30cm cord. 
Start macrame knotting.
After each full macrame knot (see step 3 for how to knot) thread a gold bead onto the centre cord.

Bring the cords loosely around the edges of the bead and continue a new knot on the other side of the bead. It may look too loose, but the second knot will secure the cords around the bead, tightly in place. Adjust your threads if you want more or less tension. 

Step 9

Continue to knot until you have beaded approx 5" and finish with an regular overhand knot. 
Finish your bracelet in the same way as you did for your first bracelet (see steps 5 and 6) creating a sliding knot over your two crossed cords.
Thread a gold bead onto each of your cords and knot beneath them. 

Step 10

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and feel free to share you designs with us in our Facebook group.

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