Glow in the Dark Spider Halloween Decoration |

Glow in the Dark Spider Halloween Decoration

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Glow in the Dark Spider Halloween Decoration

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Silver Colour Copper Craft Wire 26 Gauge (0.4mm) 15metre Reel
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Glow in the Dark Spider Halloween Decoration

Difficulty: Intermediate


Designed by Sandy and Beads Direct.

Learn how to make a spooky glow in the dark decoration using glowing seed beads and a snowflake wire base for the web.

Step 1

Cut 150cm of thread and add a needle to one end. 

Tie this to the centre of the snowflake frame, onto one of the snowflake arms. 

Step 2

Start threading on size 11 seed beads until you've used approximately 2/3rds of your pack. 

Now you will start making the spiral shape around your snowflake base to look like a web. 

Step 3

Onto the snowflake arm next to the one your thread is tied to, thread on 1 x size 8 seed bead. Onto the next arm, thread on 2 x size 8 seed beads. Onto the next, add 2 x size 8 seed beads. Then add 3 x size 8 seed beads onto the next 2 arms. 

See the image. 

Step 1

Step 4

Take the strung seed beads and wrap this thread above the closest arm, which have 1 x seed bead on it. Then move to the next arm, wrap the beaded thread around it, just above the size 8 seed beads. Continue around the circle.

Step 5

Once you've finished this circle, and are back to where you started, pick up 2 or 3 x size 8 seed beads on each of the arms. Next, wrap your beaded thread around the circle again, wrapping around each of the arms above the last size 8 seed bead added. Continue until you've got back to the beginning again. 

Step 6

Repeat the process of threading on 3 or 4 size 8 seed beads onto each of the snowflake arms. Wrap the beaded thread around the circle again. Continue this pattern, increasing the amount of seed beads on each of the arms to space out the spiral of the web. Try not to make the threads of beads too taught, let them drape a little before wrapping to secure them in place. 

Step 7

To finish your web take off any excess seed beads and wrap your empty thread a few times around the last arm you've come to. Pass your thread back down through the last string between the arms - reversing your thread path. Hold this thread in place where it exits while you do the next step. 

Step 8

Onto the arm where you just wrapped the end of your thread, thread on enough size 8 seed beads to fill the arm. Glue these seed beads in place. The glue should soak into your wrapped threads and secure the seed beads on the end so the web can't unravel or fall off. Weave your thread through some more beads if you don't think it's secure. Add a drop of glue anywhere you want to secure further. 

Step 9

Add more size 8 seed beads onto each of the arm ends and glue them in place. Trim off any excess thread once you're happy your web is fully secure. 

Step 10

To make the spider to hang off your web, cut approx. 5" of wire. Thread on 24 x size 11 seed beads. Move the seed beads to one end of the wire and glue them here so they don't fall off the end. Trim off any excess wire where you glued it so it isn't sharp. 

Repeat this with 3 more lengths of wire and thread 24 beads onto 1 wire, and thread 15 seed beads onto the other 2 wires. 

Twist these 4 wires together where the seed beads end.

Step 11

Onto the other ends of these 4 wires, thread on the same amount of seed beads. This will make all 8 of the spider legs with the twisted wire in the middle. 

Step 1

Step 12

Cut approx 20" of wire and wrap one end onto one of the arms of your web. Wrap tightly and add some glue to secure in place. Bend the wire so it's pointing downwards from the web. Thread on 25 x size 11 seed beads and then wrap the empty wire around the twisted wires of the spider legs. 

Step 13

Onto the empty wire, thread on approximately 35 x size 8 seed beads and wrap this 3 times around the twisted part of the legs, to hide the wire. Add more seed beads if 35 isn't enough. Finally, add 35 more seed beads and wrap around the vertical wire hanging from the web. This will make the top and bottom halves of the spider body. Hide and secure your wire in the spider body, adding glue if you want to and trim off the excess. You can now add string to the top of the web, or a loop of seed beads to hang your decoration.

Step 1