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Glamour Button Bracelet

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Glamour Button Bracelet

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Fevi Kwik One Drop Instant Adhesive/Glue 2g Tube
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X- Essential Crystal 6mm Bicones Aqua AB Pk50
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Glamour Button Bracelet

Difficulty: Intermediate


Glamour Button is a stunning bracelet made from chinese crystal beads in our Button Bars bracelet range. Learn how to make this bracelet here.


Step 1

Cut 2 pieces of wire approx. 35cm long. Thread both strands through 15 of the turquoise crystals.

Step 2

Position the crystals in the centre and bring together to form a loop. Thread all 4 ends through one turquoise crystal and one turquoise shamballa fashion bead.

Step 3

Separate the 4 strands. Add 10 beads to each strand, threading turquoise beads on two strands and purple beads on the other two.

Step 4

Cross the strands over each other for a slightly less regualr appearance. Thread all 4 ends through a purple bead then tie together.

Step 5

Secure the knot with fevi kwik glue. Leave about 5mm wire at the end and cut off any excess.

Step 6

Take a small piece of mixed resin clay (two parts should be mixed evenly as per resin clay instructions) and wrap around the knot. Push into the end of the button bracelet bar and add extra clay to fill the gap if necessary.

Step 7

 Place a small ball of resin clay over each ole in the button, and press a crystal in to each. Leave to cure for 24 hours then loop the crystals over the button to wear.