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Get Natalie Portman's Style

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Get Natalie Portman's Style

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Beadalon 19 Strand Flexible Beading Wire 'Satin Silver' 0.015in 30ft
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Beadalon Silver Plated Crimp Beads 2mm #1 Pk100
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Czech Fire Polished 4mm Silver 1/2 Coat Pk100
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Silver-plated eyepins 0.5x50mm
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Get Natalie Portman's Style

Difficulty: Expert


This design is now in our inspirations archive. As this design was created some time ago we sadly no longer stock all the products to create our design, but can still be useful for inspiration.

Firstly, we recommend using 19 strand Beadalon wire for the Natalie Portman necklace project. The necklace will sit nicely with this type of wire

Step 1

Cut 2 lengths of wire measuring 55cm and 70cm (We always over estimate the lengths just in case!) The shorter length is the top wire and the longer length is the bottom wire.

Step 2

Count 52 eyepins.

Step 3

Thread an eyepin on to the bottom wire and place it in the centre.

Step 4

You will need to start from the centre of the necklace and work out. Fill the eyepin with 10 fire polish beads . Create a loop at the end of the eyepin   and thread the top wire through it.

Step 5

Add 3 seed beads to both sides of the eyepin on the bottom wire and 2 seed beads to the top wire.

Step 6

Add another eyepin to each side. Add 10 fire polish beads to both eyepins, make a loop and thread the top wire through. You now have 3 eyepins full of fire polish beads which are separated by 3 seed beads at the bottom and 2 seed beads at the top.

Step 7

Continue to follow the above sequence until you have filled 25 eyepins.

Step 8

Repeat the sequence but add 9 fire polish beads instead of 10. Cut any excess. Do this until you have filled 10 eyepins (5 on both sides)

Step 9

You will need to continue adding fewer fire polish beads as you work up the necklace.

Step 10

When you are happy with the way the necklace looks, thread the top and bottom wire through the clasp and crimp together. Repeat this for the other side.