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Get Kim Kardashian's Style Earring Tutorial

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Get Kim Kardashian's Style Earring Tutorial

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Get Kim Kardashian's Style Earring Tutorial

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This design is from our inspirations archive. As this design was created some time ago we sadly no longer stock all the products to create our design, but can still be useful for inspiration. 

Step 1

Mix equal amounts of part A and part B of the resin clay. Half a pot of each will be plenty. Keep mixing until you achieve an even color, then leave to sit for approx. 15 mins before you work with it.

Step 2

Take a third of the clay and split in two. Make two balls and flatten until approx. 5mm thick. Use a circle cutter or cut around a circular object to create your top circles.

Step 3

Push your round tiger eye beads into the center of each circle. Use tweezers to position the green bicone beads around the tiger eye beads and push in, then use a sponge to add green pigment.

Step 4

Take a small piece of clay, roll into a ball and flatten. Push an earring back through and use to attach it to the back. Repeat for the other earring.

Step 5

Cut an eyepin until it is approx. 2-3cm long and push into the clay at the bottom of each green circle. Put the green circles aside to dry.

Step 6

Take the rest of the clay and roll it out using spacers to achieve a uniform thickness. Cut 2 circles using a larger circle cutter or circular object.

Step 7

Mix some white clay as per step 1 (but not as much). Roll and cut as in step 6, using a medium circle cutter or object.

Step 8

Place the white clay circles in the center of the black clay circles. Press gently so they adhere. Now press the tiger eye coins into the center of each circle.

Step 9

Use tweezers to add a ring of bicone beads, large flat backs and small flat backs around the central bead. Now place a ring of small flat backs around the black outer edge.

Step 10

Add an eyepin to each of these circles. Leave all clay items to cure for 24 hours. Sand any rough edges, then attach the two pieces together using a jump ring. Finally add earnuts to the ear posts to finish.