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Get Kate Middleton's Style Earrings

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Get Kate Middleton's Style Earrings

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X Silver Plated Copper Wire 0.315mm 28gauge 50g/70metre Reel
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Silver Plated Wine Glass Charm Rings 20mm Pk10
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Get Kate Middleton's Style Earrings

Difficulty: Intermediate


Do you love Kate Middletons style? Lots of people do, especially since she was voted as 'Best Dressed' by Vanity Fair Magazine earlier this week. You will love learning how to make these Swarovski Elements crystal round dangly earrings. These earrings are made in the style of the ones Kate wore at the fantastic London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony and the Royal Academy of Arts in London.



Step 1

Cut approx. 1m of wire, and tightly wrap the end around the wine glass charm near the join. From now on the wine glass charm will be known as the earring base.

Step 2

Thread on a chaton, and wrap the wire around the earring base on the other side of the chaton. Take the end of the wire back through the other hole in the chaton to attach it more securely and wrap around the earring base again.

Step 3

Continue adding chatons as in step 2 until you get all the way around the earring base. Wrap tightly after the last chaton and then start working back through each chaton to further secure the chatons.

Step 4

When you have worked back to the bottom 3 chatons, add a bicone bead and wrap around the earring base again. Add 4 bicone beads, sitting them between the 3 bottom chatons. Work the wire back up to the top going through each chaton for extra security.

Step 5

If you have plenty of wire left, continue with your wire. If not, hide any loose ends and start with a new piece of wire. Wrap around the join in the earring base so the loop cannot open. Add a bicone bead to the wire and position in front of the 'stalk' of wire you see at the join.

Step 6

Wrap again, then thread the wire through the earring finding and back around the earring base. Repeat this, then twist the earring finding until the wire is tightly around it.

Step 7

Wrap the end of wire around this twist and the wire 'stalk' to join them together. Cut off any excess wire.

Step 8

TIP: If you need to add wire  at any point, just wrap it tightly around the base to finish off. Start a new piece by wrapping tightly around the base too, and then carry on as before.

Step 9

Note: Depending on how close you position the Chatons, you may need 2 PACKS to make a pair of earrings. I used 13 chatons per earring. If you do want to use 2 packs, you will need to update the quantity in  your shopping basket. If you want to use only 1 pack, make sure you only use 12 chatons per earring.