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Get Aston's Style (JLS)

Information about this project

Designed by: Joanne

Difficulty: Intermediate


Get Aston from JLS style by following these simple steps to create this bracelet!


Step 1

Cut 4 long pieces of leather and attach the cord ends with glue and then fold overthen attach a jump ring

Step 2

Using the leather make 4 square knots

Step 3

Attach a long piece of black Beadalon beading wire through the last knot and crimp in place. Thread a star dust bead through the beading wire.

Step 4

Leave approx. 20mm of space on the leather and then do another square knot with the leather and thread the beading wire through the knot. The bead should sit comfortably on top of the leather or sit through the centre, depending on how long the space is between the last two knots.

Step 5

Leave the same amount of space as previously (We’ve left 20mm of space and make another square knot.

Step 6

Thread on a SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Pearl on to the beading wire then thread the beading wire through the last knot.

Step 7

Repeat the last 2 steps, until you are happy with the length of the bracelet.

Step 8

Make 4 more square knots and finish off by adding the cord ends and the lobster clasp.