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Gemstone Ring

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Gemstone Ring

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X Gold Plated Interchangeable Ring 20mm Pack of 1
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Gemstone Ring

Difficulty: Beginner


Showcase your favourite gemstones on the brand new gold plated ring base! This is the perfect project for beginner jewellery makers and gemstone lovers. Why not choose a gemstone to match your personality or one that holds a special meaning to you.


Choose any 8mm semi-precious beads for this project! To make a lasting non-interchangable ring you may wish to purchase some Fevi Kwik glue.



Step 1

To make an interchangeable ring, gently open the ring base and slot the prongs into either hole of the bead and press to secure. If you want your ring to be permanent, apply a small drop of Fevi Kwik glue to each prong before pressing them into either hole of the bead. Allow the glue to fully dry before wearing your ring!