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Gemstone Charm Bracelets

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Gemstone Charm Bracelets

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Gemstone Charm Bracelets

Designed by: Laura

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make these Gemstone Charm Bracelets using a sumptuous mixture of beads and shining charms & findings.

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Designed by Laura - August 2015

Step 1

Decide which order you want to see your beads and lay them out on a tray/matt.

Thread half your beads onto a strand of elastic measuring approx. 15".

Step 2

Next thread on your bail or charm carrier.

Step 3

Thread on more beads until your bracelet is the required length (allow 20mm for your clasp).

Step 4

Thread a crimp bead onto each end.
Pass each end of the thread through a jump ring. 

Step 5

Thread back through each crimp bead and into the beads.
Crimp the beads to secure.

Step 6

Using 2 more small jump rings, attach a lobster claw to one end and a Large jump ring to the other.

If your bail/charm carrier has an openable loop, open the loop to add your charm and carefully close it again OR using a further small jump ring, attach your charm to the bail/carrier bead.