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Gemini Gold Pearl Locket

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Gemini Gold Pearl Locket

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Beadalon Knotter Tool with Instructions Pk1
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Griffin Perlseide 4 Bead Cord HP White 0.60mm with Needle 2m
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X-Silver Plated Round Disk Use with Swarovski Fine Rocks 32mm Pk1
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Gold 1/2 Coated Essential Crystal Glass Faceted Rondelle Beads 6mm 16"Strand
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X-Gold Plated Interchangeable Coin Locket with Crystals 35mm Pk1
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Gemini Gold Pearl Locket


This pearl and crystal locket design is simply stunning. And what's more, the coin can be changed in an instant to create a different look. Interchangeable jewellery is a huge trend this season and you can create your own!

The gold pearl locket necklace is made with genuine freshwater peacock pearls with a blue base, which display a myriad of colours like a peacock's feathers. Pearls are knotted in place to create a long lasting and high quality necklace.

Specially designed bead cup ends and a lever ring ensure you can take off your locket easily and change the coin inside to alter youtr look.

Step 1

Take 6 of your pearls and use a reamer to enlarge the holes enough for the thread to pass through them twice. Put 3 of these aside and using the other 3, thread them on to the silk cord with a crystl bead between each one. Thread through the bead cap end, under the bar once or twice and back up through the threaded beads.

Step 2

Knot the two cord together between each bead to secure the end cap on. Now thread on all the beads to create the necklace, adding crystal beads between each pearl. Use the knotter tool, as per instructions provided with the tool, to knot between each bead.

Step 3

Thread on your last 3 reamed pearls with a crystal between each. Thread on the bead cap end as before and then bring the cord back through the reamed beads, pulling the bead cap in tight and knotting between each bead as you go.

Step 4

Attach the lever ring to the loops on the bead cap ends. Place the coin into the locket and hook on to the lever ring. Place the crystal fine rocks onto the coin whilst the locket is closed, ensuring it sits in the correct position.