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Gatsby Inspired Headband

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Gatsby Inspired Headband

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5328 Swarovski Crystal Bicones Xillion 4mm Crystal Clear Pk24
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X Silver Plated Copper Wire 0.5mm 24gauge 25metres
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Silver Colour Tiara Base Double Band 14" Pk1
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Gatsby Inspired Headband

Difficulty: Expert


Get the Gatsby look with this headband inspired from the blockbuster movie 'The Great Gatsby'.

Step 1

We will begin by making the wire pieces to sit inside the double band, then decorate the outer band, add the dangle and wire plume then finally add the ribbon. This piece takes approx. 3 hours to make.
Cut a piece of wire approx. 30cm long. Thread a 6mm pearl and 3 sew on stone flowers on to the wire. Holding the pearl in the middle of the wire, take the first flower about 1.5cm away from the pearl and bend the wire back on itself. Twist to create a 'stalk'. Move the next flower along the wire and repeat this process, then do the same again with the third flower. If the stalks differ in length position the longest one in the centre, then wrap the end around all 3 stalks. Do not cut excess wire off.

Step 2

Thread 3 more flowers on to the wire on the other side of the pearl. Create 3 more stalks as you did in step 1. Wrap the end of wire around the stalks on this side. Do not cut the ends of wire. Place this piece to one side.

Step 3

Repeat steps 1 and 2 to create another 3 pearl and flower sections, so you have 4 in total.

Step 4

Take a piece of wire approx. 20cm long and use it to position the filigree flower around 15-16cm from one end of the double band tiara base. Wrap the wire either side of the filigree flower. It should help to separate the double band. Now use the ends of wire on your pearl and flower sections to position one of these sections to one side of the filigree flower and 3 to the other side.

Step 5

You might find that the decorations you have just added to the centre band slide around a little, don't worry. Cut a piece of cupchin 30 cups long, and position it on the tiara base so the first cup sits next to the start of decorations on the band. Then take a piece of wire approx. 1metre in length and start to wrap the cupchain in place. Wrapping the cupchain is tricky as you will need to manouver around your other decorations. Take your time as you will achieve best results if you are careful, but remember that your wire stalks can be re-positioned later if you catch them.

Step 6

As you reach a decoration, make sure it sits in the right place. As you wrap around the cupchain you will also secure it in to position. I wrapped 3 times between each cup but when I reached an area that was tricky to wrap I reduced the number of wraps.

Step 7

When you have wrapped your piece of cupchin all around one side of the double band, cut another 30 cups and repeat for the other side. Now take a 10cm piece of wire and thread through one cup of the cupchain. Wire it across the double band at the point the cupchain stops. Repeat on the other side.

Step 8

Now the headband is decorated. You could wear it like this, or add the plumes, dangle and ribbon for a 1920s feel.

Step 9

To make the plumes
  •  Take a 40cm piece of wire. Thread on a 6mm xilion bicone and position in the centre of the wire. Twist to make a 1cm stalk. 
  • Add a group of 2 x 4mm xilion bicones to each side and twist to create stalks. Repeat until you have made 5 stalks either side. 
  • Twist together at the bottom, then wind this around the double band above the filigree flower.
  • Repeat to make another 2 plumes.

Step 10

To make the dangle
  • Thread a 6mm pearl, a crystal rondelle and 7 4mm pearls on to a headpin. Make a loop at the top.
  • Repeat another 2 times, adding only 5 x 4mm pearls this time.
  • Thread 2 headpins with a 4mm pearl on each. Thread through the outer holes on 2 spacer bars and create a loop.
  • Link the shorter pearl dangles you made earlier to these loops.
  • Thread a 6mm pearl on to a piece of wire. Wrap on to the band below the filigree flower, then thread the wire through the centre hole in the spacer bar. Create a loop and attach the longer pearl dangle.

Step 11

To attach the ribbon
  • Cut the ribbon in half. Fold over approx. 2cm at one end of one piece and cut a hole so the double band can pass through.
  • Position the ribbon at the point your band decoration stops. Stitch the ribbon where it folds back, making sure you secure it on the band at the same time.
  • Stitch the ribbon to the end of the band to secure it further.
  • Repeat to add the ribbon to the other side.