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Gatsby Inspired Earrings

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Gatsby Inspired Earrings

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Gatsby Inspired Earrings

Difficulty: Intermediate


Get the Gatsby look with this tutorial inspired from the  blockbuster movie 'The Great Gatsby'.

Step 1

Thread a 6mm pearl, a crystal rondelle and 7 4mm pearls on to a headpin. Make a loop at the top.

Step 2

Repeat another 2 times, adding only 5 x 4mm pearls this time. 

Step 3

Thread 2 headpins with a 4mm pearl on each. Thread through the outer holes on 2 spacer bars and create a loop.

Step 4

Link the shorter pearl dangles you made earlier to these loops.

Step 5

Thread an eyepin through the centre of the spacer bars add 6mm pearl Attach to an earwire. At the bottom of your eyepin attach the longer pearl dangle.

Step 6

Repeat steps1-5 to create the other earring.