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Gatsby Bracelet

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Gatsby Bracelet

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Gatsby Bracelet


This bracelet has been designed to fit wrist sizes of 15-17cm. You will need to use approx.1 metre of elastic. (Don’t worry if you have plenty left over as we have overestimated the length).

STEP 1: You will need to start your bracelet by threading on a rondelle spacer bead first. Then follow the pattern below.

Pearl Instructions










STEP 2: When you have completed this pattern you need to tie a double knot in the rondelle bead and take the two pieces and thread it through another rondelle in the opposite direction.

Pearl Bracelet Instructions










STEP 3: Follow the pattern as you did in step 1. When you come to thread on a rondelle you will need to thread through the rondelle, go around the rondelle, through the rondelle below and back through the original rondelle. It should look like the diagram below.

Pearl Bracelet Instructions











STEP 4: Continue to follow the pattern and replicate the process in step 3 for whenever you thread on a rondelle

STEP 5: When you have completed the 2 rows you will need to create 3 more rows of pearls and rondelles. Remember to double the elastic before starting a new row. For extra security add a dap of glue.