'Galaxia' Swarovski Cuff Bracelet

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Difficulty: Intermediate


Glistening and mysterious, the 'Galaxia' Swarovski Cuff Bracelet is a divine make that will give any outfit a glamourous feel. Encrusted with Swarovski flatbacks and new Swarovski drops and bows, fall in love for a bracelet that is simply 'out of this world'.

Step 1

Wrap the black chain around your wrist and trim to the desired length (minus  1cm for the addition of a toggle clasp). 

Step 2

Add the Swarovski Bow stone using black chain maille in the centre of the chain. Build up the bracelet by adding the larger glass and Swarovski drops across the cuff. Fill in the spaces with the 3mm faceted beads and 6mm butterflies by attaching to a headpin and looping.

Step 3

Take a toothpick, or hair grip and apply small amounts of FeviKwik glue directly onto the chain. Carefully apply random crystals from the Swarovski flatback mix. Continue until the bracelet looks ‘covered’.

Step 4

Add the bar of the toggle clasp to one end of the bracelet using a chain maille ring. Attach the loop end of the toggle to the other end, using 2 chain maille rings.