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Fuchsia Tassel Earrings

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Fuchsia Tassel Earrings

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Rose Gold Plated Brass Jump Rings 6.5mm 1mm gauge Pk100
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Fuchsia Tassel Earrings

Designed by: Holly Eve

Difficulty: Beginner


Create your own statement tassel earrings using suede cord, rose gold materials and pretty Swarovski Fuchsia crystals!

Step 1

Take your suede cord and cut 10 lengths measuring approx. 20cm (8") long.

Step 2

Cut a length of a spare, left over thread from your craft or sewing supply, this can be a strong sewing thread or a thicker beading cord. We used some s-lon cord, as it is strong and easy to knot. 

Step 3

Twist your 10 suede cords together in the middle and fold them in half where you have twisted. This will help keep the cords together while you work. Make sure that the cords on the top of the tassel are neatly positioned, as you will attach the rest of your earring to one of these. (see image in step 6)
Take your spare thread and wrap it tightly around where you have folded to hold the tassel shape in place. Continue to wrap a few times and then knot the ends of the thread together a couple of times. (See image)

Step 4

Push this end of the tassel into your large tube bead. This may be quite snug, so twist and push the tassel inside slowing, making sure the bead covers the part where you wrapped. You could add some glue to the wrapped section if you want to be sure that it will stay in place. Trim off any excess thread that may be sticking out of the tube bead, or use pliers to tuck them under the bead.

Step 5

Glue your pink chaton crystals into both of your connector charms and wait a few minutes for them to dry securely.

Step 6

Take one of your jumprings and attach it to one side of your connector charm. Thread this same jumpring under one a suede cord on the top of your tassel. (See image) Close the jumpring securely.
Attach another jumpring to the top loop of the connector and add your earwire here. Close the ring securely.
Trim down your suede cords so that they are neater at the base of your tassel. You can straighten the cords if they are very curly by tightly sliding your fingers down the cord pulling it in the opposite direction to the curl, (similar to what you would do to curl gifting ribbons with scissors). 

Repeat the process to make your second earring.