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Fuchsia Crystal Necklace

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Fuchsia Crystal Necklace

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5000 Swarovski Crystal Faceted Rounds 6mm Fuchsia Pk12
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X Beadalon Silver Plated Crimp Tubes 1.8mm #2 Pk100
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Information about project:

Fuchsia Crystal Necklace

Designed by: Vicki

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make this sparkling 'Fuchsia Crystal Necklace' using Swarovski faceted fuchsia crystal beads, Swarovski Xilion fuchsia F chaton and new Preciosa Czech fire polished beads in matt hot pink!

Step 1

Glue your chaton into your toggle clasp.

Step 2

Cut approx. 25" of wire or your desired length.
Thread on a crimp bead, one side of your toggle clasp and back through the crimp bead leaving a couple of inches tail to hide underneath the beads for more security. 

Step 3

Squash your crimp bead close to the toggle clasp. 

Step 4

Thread on your beads in your desired order. 
We started with a hot pink Czech fire polished bead then a Swarovski fuchsia crystal bead and alternated between the two until 6 Swarovski crystal beads had been used. 
Continue to add Czech fire polished hot pink beads until you have threaded 15" of the necklace with beads. 
Repeat the alternating pattern with the Swarovski crystal beads for another 6 crystal beads. 

Step 5

Finish your necklace by threading on a crimp bead, your other side of the toggle clasp and thread back through the crimp.
Thread your remaining wire back through your beads to hide the tail and add security. 
Pull the wire tightly so that the toggle clasp is close to the beads (see image).
Squash the crimp bead to secure.
Trim any excess wire.