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Frosted Purple Bracelet and Earrings

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Frosted Purple Bracelet and Earrings

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Frosted Purple Bracelet and Earrings

Difficulty: Beginner


Make this Frosted Purple Bracelet and Earrings using Preciosa Bicones and Acrylic Pearls.

Step 1

To Make The Bracelet

Cut three strands of tiger tail 30cm long

Attach the lobster clasp with a crimp bead

Thread on a silver spacer bead onto all three strands and take along the tiger tail to be next to the crimp bead.

Step 2

Take two strands of tiger tail and thread on a bicone crystal, leaving the other strand to one side, take the bicone down to near the silver spacer bead but leave a small gap.

Take the other strand of tiger tail and one of the strands of tiger tail which is coming out of the bicone and thread on  lilac pearl bead, taking it down the tiger tail but leaving a gap of your choice.

Continue the above step alternating between pearl and bicone crystal as you like until the bracelet is the desired length.

Step 3

Add a spacer bead on all three strands before you add the other side of the clasp to make the bracelet symmetrical.

Attach the other end of the clasp using a crimp bead.

This method could be adapted further by using a coloured tiger tail thread to add interest.

Step 4

To Make The Earrings

Cut one strand of tiger tail 20cm long

Thread on a crystal, a pearl bead and another crystal and bring to the centre of the strand of tiger tail

Take one end of the tiger tail and thread it through the beads again almost to bring it up into a circle.

Take the two ends of tiger tail and thread a crimp bead onto both strands

Attach a earwire onto the tiger tail and secure pulling the ends of tiger tail through the crimp bead again

Repeat for second earring, taking care to ensure both earrings are of the same size.