Frosted Festive Wreath Decoration |

Frosted Festive Wreath Decoration

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Frosted Festive Wreath Decoration

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S-Lon Bead Cord 77yrds (70m) White
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Preciosa Round Seed Bead Mix Size 8 White/Crystal 50g
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Frosted Festive Wreath Decoration

Designed by: Leah Connolly

Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make this sparkling festive wreath decoration using the Kumihimo technique. Finish your design with a pretty Edelweiss charm. 

This design creates a 9" braid. 

Step 1

Cut 8 strands of thread each measuring approx. 40". Tie all threads together at one end and place the threads onto your Kumihimo board.  If you are new to Kumihimo please click here to view our tutorial for guidance.  
Thread 45 beads onto each thread, the seed beads used for this design is a mix and can be placed onto the thread in no particular order.

Step 2

Braid approx. 1cm of the thread before starting to add the beads. Continue adding beads to your braid until you have used all of them.

Step 3

Finish by braiding another 1cm section with just thread. Then knot the end to secure it in place. Remove your design from the board and tie both ends together, cut any excess thread. The knots may look a little messy, however this will be covered up by the Ribbon/Lace Bow.

Step 4

Find the centre of your design and attach a jump ring through a seed bead or onto the S-Lon thread, then attach your Swarovski pendant using another jump ring.

Step 5

Cut 20cm of lace and tie a knot over the knots you created at the top of your design, finish the lace off with a bow. Cut 20cm of the blue ribbon, create a bow and glue onto the top of the lace.