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Fringe Bracelet - Beading for Beginners

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Fringe Bracelet - Beading for Beginners

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Fringe Bracelet - Beading for Beginners

Designed by: Joanne

Difficulty: Beginner


Taking Beaded Fringes a little bit further, this bracelet is so much easier to make than it looks. It's another design (an oldie but goodie!) that allows you to experiment with shape, size and colour to create a piece that is uniquely yours. I was inspired by the colours of new shoots of Spring in the garden and chose my beads before the design for this one. Use whatever inspires you to create, gather your beads and lets stitch!

Materials required:
Seed Beads in sizes 11, 8 & 6 - co-ordinating or contrasting? The choice is yours.
6mm Round MIST™ Beads - Any 6mm round would suffice.
6mm Firepolish
Droplet Charm
Toggle Clasp
Jump Rings - I used 4mm
Beading Thread - Strength is important here. The more beads you add to your fringe, the heavier it will become. Fireline or an S-LON D (Tex 45) are good options.
Bead Tray

Our tutorials are for inspiration and learning purposes. They include links to the relevant categories for you to choose your own colour combinations and we positively encourage you to experiment with different shapes, sizes, finishes, composition and texture. Why not choose your own beads and colours to achieve something in your own style? Let your imagination run wild and make your dream piece of jewellery.

Please note that the colours for the products illustrated in the image above may not match the 'Products List' 

Designed by Joanne - 2010

Step 1

First, check your clasp. If the rings are not soldered or fully closed, then add jump rings and be sure to fully close them. This will avoid your thread slipping through the tiny gap and losing your bracelet.

Step 1

Step 2

Cut an approx 2mtr of thread and tie to one end of your clasp (or jump ring) with a double knot.

You may need to add more thread later. You can find a video to help with adding more thread HERE.

Step 1

Step 3

Allowing for the other end of your clasp, thread on enough beads to fit around your wrist, alternating between 1 x 8TR and 1 x 6TR beads. Ensure the last bead added is an 8TR.

Step 1

Step 4

Once the base row is long enough, add the other end of the clasp with another double knot. Ensure the beads are snug but not tight as you will be passing back through the beads.

Step 1

Step 5

Pass through the 1st 8TR and 6TR.

Pick up 1 x 8TR, 1 X 6TR, 1 x 6mm Round and 1 x Drop Charm.

Step 1

Step 6

Bypassing the Drop Charm, pass back through the 6mm round, 6TR & 8TR beads.

Skipping the 8TR on the base row, pass through the next 6TR.

Continue adding beads in this manner until the end of the base row.

Pass through the last 8TR on the base row, the jump ring and back through the 8TR and the next 6TR so that you are ready to add another row of fringe.

Step 1

Step 7

Pick up 11 x 8TR, 1 x 6TR, 1 x FP & 3 x 11TR.

Step 1

Step 8

Bypassing the 3 x 11TR, pass back through the FP, 6TR & 8TR.

Again, skipping the 8TR on the base row, pass through the next 6TR.

Step 1

Step 9

Repeat steps 7 & 8 for the rest of the row.

Step 1

Step 10

Pass through the last 8TR on the base row, the jump ring and back through the 8TR and the next 6TR.

Tie off and trim your tails. A video tutorial for help with this can be found HERE if needed.

TIP: Dab knots at the clasp ends with a small amount of glue or clear nail polish for extra security.

Step 11

Here are some I made earlier. Back in 2010 in fact!

It would be really interesting to see your take on this old design. Why not pop over to our FB Group and share yours?

Step 1

Step 2

Step 12

What better way to relax and unwind than with a tray of beads, a cup of tea and a group of like-minded people? Our Facebook Page is the ideal place to go to share with the beading community. Whether you want to chat, exchange ideas or show us your works of art.... All are welcome to join <3

Step 1