Freshwater Necklace |

Freshwater Necklace

Information about project:

Freshwater Necklace

Designed by: Katrina

Difficulty: Beginner


Keep it elegant and simple with 925 sterling silver! This necklace is the ideal gift for those born in the month of June as it uses the pearl birthstone charm and a freshwater pearl bead!
Please note that you will need sterling silver headpins for this project to fit through the small hole of the pearls.

Find your birthstone

Step 1

Open the necklace and thread on the starfish charm. 

Step 2

Insert a headpin through a pearl bead and make a wrapped loop that is big enough to go over the end of the clasp. See the video below on how to wrap a pin.

Step 3

Thread your wrapped pearl onto the necklace on the left side of the starfish charm. Open a jumpring and link the birthstone charm onto the chain on the other side.