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French Beaded Combs

French Beaded Combs

French Beaded Combs

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Toho Size 8 Round Seed Beads Silver Lined Purp...


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Toho Size 8 Round Seeds Inside Colour Luster B...


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Toho Size 11 Round Seed Beads Silver-Lined Peridot 10g


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Silver Plated Hair Comb 50mm Pk2


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Silver Plated Copper Wire 0.315mm 28gauge 50g/...


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Step 1

To make the purple flower-
String 100cm of beads onto thick wire (don’t cut
the wire from the spool yet). Measure 2.5cm of
beads. Make the first loop 10cm from the end of
the wire. Twist twice to secure. It doesn’t matter
which way you twist just be consistent with every

Step 2

Slide some beads up to the loop and wrap the
beaded wire around it. The exact length of beads
will depend on the gap desired between each

Step 3

Adjust so that there is a gap between the bead
loops at the tip of the petal (or have the loops
touching all the way around preferred). Twist
twice to secure the loop just below the first.

Step 4

Repeat to add a third loop to the petal.

Step 5

Measure 2.5cm of beads. Make a loop just under
1cm from the triple loop petal. This gap will
allow enough space to secure the twist of the
next two wrap around loops.

Step 6

Slide some beads up to this second loop and wrap
the beaded wire around it leaving a gap at the tip
of the petal. Twist twice to secure.

Step 7

Form the second wrap around loop and twist to

Step 8

Continue creating triple loops until you have five
in total. Cut the wire 10cm from the base of the
last loop and discard any spare beads. Cross the
two wires over to close the circle. Twist twice
to secure. This completes the wrapped loop
technique. Continue on to the next step to turn
these wraparound loops into a flower.

Step 9

Add a pearl to one strand, pass this wire across
the flower then push both wires down between
two petals. Turn the flower over, cross the wires
over and twist to secure the pearl in place. Use
the two wires to attach the flower to a component
or twist them together to form a neat stem. If
desired wrap the stem with florist tape.

Step 10

Next you will need approx 3m of wire and 200 seed beads. Thread the beads onto the wire and wrap around the top of the comb. Use wire to attach the flower to the comb.

Step 11

To create the yellow flower hair comb, repeat steps 1 to 10. To create the leaves you will need approx 1m of wire. Thread green seed beads onto the wire and manipulate into the shape of a leaf.

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