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Free Valentine's Gift Bracelet Idea

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Free Valentine's Gift Bracelet Idea

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Bronze Round Leather Cord 1mm 5Metre Reel
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Free Valentine's Gift Bracelet Idea

Difficulty: Intermediate


On Wednesday 12th February we are giving away a FREE Valentines gift when you spend over £10 (whilst stocks last).
This "Wrapped With Love" Bracelet is an idea of what you can do with yours. What will you make?

Step 1

Wrap the leather cord around your wrist twice then double it adding a 20cm just incase.

Step 2

Fold the cord in half and tie a tube knot using 2m of S-Lon cord to create a loop. This loop will need to be big enough to fit your free Valentines button through it.

To tie a tube knot: Overlap the two ends of cord. Holding a straw and the two ends together, wrap the s-lon cord around the leather. Make six complete turns, pass the line through the straw and tighten the knot neatly around the straw. Withdraw the straw. Pull the knot tight, and trim the ends.

Step 3

Pin your loop to a bead mat to make it easier to work with. Add the 3 bags of beads onto the S-Lon cord.

Step 4

Then start wrapping it around the leather, going over the top leather cord and then round and under the bottom leather cord (leaving a bead in between each weave) in a figure of 8 pattern.

Step 5

Contine until you reach the desired legnth to wrap around your wrist twice.

Step 6

Thread the 2 leather end through the button and fold over its self and wrap the S-Lon to secure it down using another tube knot (see step 2).