Create your own colourful 'Fluoro Beaded' bands. |

Fluoro Beaded Bands

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Fluoro Beaded Bands

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Fluoro Beaded Bands

Designed by: Laura

Difficulty: Intermediate


Create your own colourful beaded bands using neon acrylic beads and rubber bands.

Top Tip – when weaving the elastic hold the bracelet wide with your thumb and index finger, this will help keep the finished bracelet stretchy!

Step 1

First make the rubber band bracelet. To do this fold a rubber band over the hook and attach an S-Clip. Place your next band on the end of the hook and pull it through the bottom band, then loop the other side of the band onto the hook. Continue looping the bands until they are all added, and then attach the last band to the other side of the S-Clip.

Step 2

Now its time to add the beads. Cut your elastic and then tie to the first band next to the S-Clip, leaving a couple of inches spare. Weave the elastic through to the next band and add a bead, weave the elastic through to the next but one band and add another bead. Continue this way until all the beads are added. Knot the elastic around the last rubber band and then tie to the couple of inches you left spare for extra security. Trim the excess elastic.