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Flower Power Hair Clip

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Flower Power Hair Clip

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5328 Swarovski Crystal Bicones Xillion 4mm Fuchsia AB Pk24
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Miyuki Delica Size 11 Beads Opaque Lime 7.5g Tube
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Miyuki Delica Size 11 Beads Transparent Crystal 5g
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Miyuki Delica Size 11 Beads Silver-Lined Fuchsia 5g
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Silver Colour Copper Craft Wire 28 Gauge (0.3mm) 20metre Reel
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Information about project:

Flower Power Hair Clip

Designed by: Katie Brennan

Difficulty: Expert


Learn how to make this adorable hair accessory using seed beads.

Step 1

Cut approximately 60cm of thread and secure it to the hair clip by wrapping it around one of the teeth and tieing. Then we're going to start the peyote. Start with the hot pink seed beads, add 40 of these and then Pick up one seed bead, skip a bead on the row and sew through the next. Repeat until you have one more bead to add. Each bead you skip is a bead in row 1. Pick up the last seed bead, skip a bead on the ring, sew through the next bead and the first bead added in this row. This ‘step up’ gets you to the right place to begin the next row, you’ll need to do this after each row. Make 3 rows of the hot pink and on the outside of them both add the transparent colour. Once you finish wrap your tread around a tooth of the hair clip and tie off to finish.

Tip: After every few beads loop around a tooth of the hair clip this makes it more secure and not likely to fall off.

Step 2

Now to make the leaves. Cut approximately 20cm of wire. thread on about 10 green seed beads then bend the wire back on itself and add another 10 seed beads. mould the wire into a leaf shape then twist it so the beads won't fall off. Now we're going to peyote the rest of the beads onto the leaf by sewing them on and skipping a bead each time. You will find that you my need more or less beads as you go from one side to the other. Eventually sew the one side to the other to create your leaf. Repeat this for the second leaf. Now use the left over wire to wrap around the third tooth of your hair clip to secure the leaves in place. Twist it and cut the remainder off.

Step 3

The last part is the flower. Pretty simple, cut 10cm of thread and use 5 pip beads and sew around in a ring. wrap the thread around the the third tooth and tie off. Then add you Swarovski by cutting about 10cm of wire and thread the Swarovski onto  it. Then wrap the wire around the tooth but make sure you have the wire going between the flower petals to hold it securely in place. Wrap it around a few times and cut.