Make a lovely wire flower featured in SS 12 catalogue |

Floral Fusion Wire Flower

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Floral Fusion Wire Flower

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X Silver Plated Copper Wire 0.5mm 24gauge 25metres
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Floral Fusion Wire Flower

Difficulty: Expert


Make a lovely wire flower featured in SS 12 catalogue

Step 1

Take the end of the wire, leaving it on the reel. Wrap around your index & middle finger in a figure of 8 shape approx. 8 times. Cut off the reel leaving a 5cm end and wrap the end around the middle of the 8 shape. Pull the loops into the empty space and fan out to create a flower shape. 


Step 2

Thread approx. 1m of seed beads onto the reel of wire. Repeat the same process as Step 1, this time making the figure of 8 a little bigger and keeping the seed beads on the wire you are wrapping. Use the end to attach the beaded flower in front of the wire flower.

Step 3

Repeat step 2, making a smaller beaded flower. Attach in front of the larger flower.


Step 4

Add another 30cm of seed beads to the reel of wire. Curl the end using round nose pliers and then use your hands to make a spiral. When the spiral is a little smaller than your small beaded flower, keep spiralling round but overlap rather than making it any bigger. Stop spiralling when you reach the end of your beads.


Step 5

Cut off the reel leaving approx. 10cm end. Holding the beads in place, push the end through the middle of the flower. Bring back up and catch the other side of the spiral. Push the end to the back and wrap around a pen or pencil to create a loop for attaching to the cord.