Make this lovely semi-precious flower featured in the SS 12 catalogue |

Floral Fusion Semi-Precious Flower p.10-11

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Floral Fusion Semi-Precious Flower p.10-11

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X Silver Plated Copper Wire 0.5mm 24gauge 25metres
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Floral Fusion Semi-Precious Flower p.10-11


What you will need...

1x Beading wire [W38]
1x 6mm Glass Pearl [HH50]
1x Long Drilled Tear Drop [EX1967]

NB*  The long drilled tear drops have changed as the original ones have now sold out and these (EX3132) are the only other long drilled tear drops. 

STEP 1. Cut 6 x 10cm lengths of wire. Use round nosed pliers to curl the end of each. 

STEP 2. Thread a bead on to each wire so it stops at the curl you made. Use a pearl for the centre of the flower.

STEP 3. Place all wires for the flower you are working on together, with the beads at the top. Twist them together to secure and move the petals if necessary.

STEP 4. Wind the ends of wire around a pen or pencil to create a loop and wrap the ends back around the base. Cut off any excess wire.