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Flapper Earrings

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"X" Gold Plated Snowflake Spacer Champagne Bubble Beads 10mm Pk50
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"X" Gold Plated Iron Eyepins 50mm (2 inch) Pk100
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Difficulty: Beginner


Make these lovely 'Flapper' earrings, using 2 colours of snowflake spacer beads with a black shamballa fashion bead. (or if you have some leftovers from the other flaaper designs).

Step 1

On a headpin place on the following items in this order, 1 black shamballa fashion bead, 4 Gunmetal snowflakes, 4 Gold snowflakes, 4 Gunmetal snowflakes, 4 Gold snowflakes.

Step 2

Loop the end of the snowflake bead with pliers or the 1 step looper if you have one.

Step 3

Open the loop to attach the earwire hook and close up again.

Step 4

Repeat steps 1-3 again for the other earring.