Fine Rocks Crystal Necklace |

Fine Rocks Crystal Necklace

Step 1

Take your 3 Swarovski Fine Rocks disks and cut 3 pieces of felt of the same shape and size.

Step 2

Cut 3 lengths of chain each measuring 3". Take 3 eyepins and loop the pin ends to match the original loops.

Step 3

Take a Swarovski disk and one of your felt circles.

Place either end of a 3" chain on the felt a finger width apart. Place your eyepin across the disk horizontally and stick the disk on top to glue them all in place. Repeat this with your other 2 disks. Your disks will have a pin loop on either side and a droplet of chain underneath.

Step 4

Next, take an eyepin and thread on 1 x rose gold bead, 1 x red bicone, 1 x rose gold bead. Loop the other end of the pin. Repeat this to make one more beaded pin.

Step 5

Take an eyepin and thread on 1 x black pearl, 1 x rose gold bead, 1 x black pearl. Loop the other end of the pin. Repeat one more time to make a matching beaded pin.

Step 6

Complete the pattern of the necklace using the image of the finished design. Link the pins together using jumprings.

Step 7

Once you've made the centre of your necklace, all that is left to do is to add two lengths of chain and your clasp.

Decide how long you want your necklace to be and cut 2 lengths of chain to attach to either side. Attach these with jumprings. Finally attach a jumpring to each end of the chain and add a clasp to one of these to complete your necklace.